30 Percent Of Teens Are Sexting – Health News – redOrbit


30 Percent Of Teens Are Sexting

30 Percent Of Teens Are Sexting – Health News – redOrbit

Now here is a story that will probably piss you off real quick. That is, if you have a teenager at home. Do you worry about what your teenager does with others? Things like sex, drugs, and similar concerns? Well, remember that cell phone you just bought for your teenager? Check it! Because there are reasons why you do not want to give your children 100% privacy with cell phones, computers, and digital cameras.

The subject article discusses the practice of sexting by our teenagers and suggests that about 30% are sexting each other. I discussed this topic with a few friends and surprisingly the response from a few of he men suggested they would be “heart-broken” were they to discover their daughter sending nude pictures of herself to others. And, they would also feel they had failed to teach their daughter important lessons about growing up, peer pressure, and sex.

I was not surprised that the men did not feel the same about their sons. Most agreed men were “dogs” and would do anything to garner the attention of a sexual partner. A few of the men suggested that as long as their sons were sticking to humans for sexual gratification they were okay with it. I was afraid to continue this part of the conversation further. They all voiced concern that their sons were too stupid to use birth control or something to prevent disease.

As for sexting, our children may find it exciting or interesting, but it always presents a threat of misuse in the future. If your child is sexting, they probably have not considered how sexting and their pictures ability to be used against them could effect their future. Most children are more afraid to disclose their involvement in such activity to their parents making them susceptible to the possibility of blackmail. It is a dangerous world that our children are living in, with dangers around every corner. How you get through to your teenager is up to you, but it is an important topic so make sure you do.

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