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You know . . . I have had enough of this B.S.! Everybody is giving this dude the blues because he gets wrapped up in technology and want to get his groove on. Guess what people, half of the U.S. has been there, done that.

You have a case here where numerous women with lesser morality participate in this sporting event willingly, probably encouraging his participation, and then they all start talking bad about the dude like it was a one-way street. Allow me to tell you something . . . When men do stupid, it usually is because of a woman. Or, in this dudes case, women.

If you want to turn a middle-aged man into an idiot, get a young woman to be sexually suggestive to him. I do not know what statistics show as the age most men most affected by this, but for me it has been from about 35 and continuing, although I believe it should be between 40 and 50. Hell, I’m 56 and counting . . .

Who gives a dog-squat if this guy wants to get his groove on? That is between him and his wife. Seriously, how many people are monitoring your sexual conduct. He isn’t out there raping and spending taxpayer money of sex and women is he? And, for the women he has sexted, are you serious. What a man has told you in confidence, not against the law, and you are disgracing him by disclosure of your relationship with him? What kind of two-faced whore are you? Who is paying you to disgrace this man? Do Not lie! You don’t do anything for free, do you?

Enough of the media being headlined about this guys sexual frustrations. Isn’t there something much more newsworthy. And, if you choose to continue harassment of this guy, do so correctly. Publish some pictures and get the backgrounds of the women accusing him. Wait. they are not accusing him because he isn’t violating a law. What they are doing is disclosing private conversation between him and themselves and making it appear as though he has done something wrong . . . Oh! Isn’t this guy running for office of some sort?

Okay, additional edit. Why? Why? Why is this cute attractive young lady doing with an old man in the first place? Why was she even involved with him. Where is her boyfriend? What about her other relationships? Do you mean to tell me that this little “Hotty” isn’t getting her door knocked on nightly by men, more her age group, that would like to get to know her. She played the part for Weiner and then makes everything public? For what? Because she feels guilty?

Maybe she has been paid, maybe she will get a book deal, and she certainly is getting her 15 minutes of fame, isn’t she? Funny, I do not see her do anything but smile as she discloses intimate details of her relationship that she knows is destroying the man. Why? There has to be a motivation?

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