Tax reform proposals to be secret for 50 years – Jul. 25, 2013


Tax reform proposals to be secret for 50 years

Tax reform proposals to be secret for 50 years – Jul. 25, 2013

By what stretch of the imagination do our Politicians feel that we the people find this acceptable? Haven’t we already decided that we have had enough of their secrecy bullshit?

Since when is it necessary that this information be withheld from the people that pay the taxes and vote for the Politicians? If I may make a suggestion . . . If they do this, we agree as a unified people that not a single Politician that participates in this sham gets re-elected. I am serious! From the President, to the City Council Member, every single one of them out of Office by next election.

Why would it be necessary for Tax Reform Proposals to be made secret? How about the Politicians realize that there is a whole bunch of people  in the United States that want to know every bit of this information, when it happens, as it happens, and by whom it happens. Have Tax Proposals ever been made secret like this previously? Why would we not want to see such documents? What could they possibly disclose that we do not want to see and respond to?

If I were to venture to guess, I would think that finally our Politicians are looking at legalization of drugs as a tax base and every government official is afraid to commit to a position to take on the subject. I may be wrong, but maybe I am right. This is the only topic that I can think of  . . . Nope, another topic comes to mind.

Possibly the topic of how much tax money is to be committed for domestic spy games. You know, like how much money we are going to set aside for the collection of data by the F.B.I. and N.S.A..

Okay, another topic just lit the light-bulb above my head! How about proposals to increase taxation to the amounts necessary to resolve the National Debt? If were we to couple the National Debt with the National Waste, that would be about 75% tax on a dollar wouldn’t it?

There is one thing I can with damn near guarantee. Whatever they are up to, it is not for the good. I’ll repeat my earlier suggestion. If they pull this secrecy on tax proposals, every Politician that participates voted out of Office by next election for that Office. Top to bottom, all new government.

Hey, it’s an idea. And, by the look of things it cannot hurt us any more than what we have. It could even bring some honest people to government.

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