Watch out bullies and slow drivers, you’re about to get fined – Jul. 1, 2013


Watch out bullies and slow drivers, you’re about to get fined

Watch out bullies and slow drivers, you’re about to get fined – Jul. 1, 2013

Just when you thought the other shoe had already fell, they slip some more in on ya, don’t they?

Well, how about new taxation and new penalties to pay. Believe it or not, I agree with some of these. But, not all of the changes.

The “bullying penalty” is a great idea. This one should be a nation-wide penalty. I would love to see how many of these bullies quickly create a history of being a bully where nobody paid attention before.

Florida’s new “Road Rage” law is also a good idea, but is it necessary. I thought Florida already had a “impeding traffic” law on the books. Maybe it doesn’t include the driving record penalty the new law creates.

Minnesota doubles their cigarette tax and Arkansas adds .05% to their sales tax which doesn’t effect me till I move to Minnesota or Arkansas.

Did I read that correctly?  In New York they pay $4.35 per pack in taxes for cigarettes. I pay $4.35 per pack in California after taxes. That would be  $8.70 per pack of smokes. No wonder New Yorkers are such rude bastards. I would be too if I was getting hosed like that.

Here’s a good one for Virginia. Let’s give you a tax break for buying an alternative fuel type vehicle, but because we are losing the fuel taxation previously acquired, now you have to pay an additional $64.00 per year for having an alternative fuel vehicle. And, they say “double jeopardy” is against the law.

The rest is increased taxation for fuel taxes, like we don’t get screwed at the pump enough. Hey folks, my Scooter gets 85 miles per gallon. Consider it.

4 thoughts on “Watch out bullies and slow drivers, you’re about to get fined – Jul. 1, 2013

  1. Over in England, tax makes for about half of a persons fuel bill each year, more than that if memory serves.
    £1.40/litre and about 80p at least goes into taxes the government created, and they wonder why no one get afford shit 😀
    £1.40 In Dollars that’s abouuut, $2.10c (roughly)


    • Our economy needs taxes right now to survive. But, our Politicians (Much like Politicians world-wide ) spend more time with their heads up their asses than necessary, leaving a lot to be desired and we have a lot of government tax waste, most of it to stupidity. I just do not understand why they don’t simply listen to me, as I am convinced I could save the world given the opportunity and a big stick . . .


  2. It just amazes me how many stupid laws are passed period. I think a lot of people (ahem…men) just think for the moment and not how it is going to affect everyone down the road. Another reason why women should get more into politics. We tend to think about the consequences. But more than anything truthfully, people should educate themselves about the laws before they vote. I’m not one to really vote democrat just because I’m a democrat or vice versa, I tend to vote for what I feel is right or wrong, no matter the party like most older folks.


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