Two arrested in human trafficking case


Two arrested in human trafficking case

Two arrested in human trafficking case

Why is it we are seeing so much human trafficking as of late? Is it because we have an overabundance of people taking advantage of the weak and the young?

Seldom does a child recover completely from rape and sexual exploitation. Many go forward appearing to live normal lives, but the scars they carry stay with them for life. Most feel a severe guilt because of the abuse their treated with by those in control. Low self-esteem and fear of physical contact with others I believe are also a problem. And, there are those that abuse others as they had been abused. My point is that these children victims have to live with the scars created by these events, and we have got to find a way to better protect children. And, the problem is not just in the U.S. but world-wide.

In the subject story two men get arrested for trafficking and prostitution of three teenagers, one of which is disabled. Is it so difficult for man to get sexual gratification that they have to resort to abusing children? Actually, their problem is not that the opportunity does not exist for sexual relations, because they probably can easily find a sexual partner or may even be married or have a girlfriend. These folks just want whatever sick enjoyment they derive from abusing children. Why do we allow them to continue to live in our society?

Think about it. We catch them, incarcerate them, and release them to do it again.  Their victims are scarred for life. Why is the penalty for such so little that these people get a second and third chance at hurting others? Why is the penalties for human trafficking so little that these people get a chance at life at all? Why don’t we make such abuse a “death penalty” offense and fulfill our obligation to put the convicted to death.

How many people do these criminals cause harm to when they take someone’s child and sexually exploit them or prostitute them to others? So why do we allow someone that causes so much pain to others to live in our society? I’m just asking the question, do not really expect an answer strong enough to make a difference.

8 thoughts on “Two arrested in human trafficking case

  1. Because we have too many idiots in our justice system that think a slap on the wrist will “teach them a lesson” . Or the many do-gooders that protest any type of severe punishment of the criminal – such as claiming that being put to death by lethal injection is inhumane and violates their rights! Where are the rights of the children who are abused or the other people who were raped, beaten, killed , etc. What rights were they allowed? Oh, don’t even get me started with our justice system . . . . . . .


  2. I gotta say that this is a bad story, it sinks yer ‘eart to hear about children being dragged into that sort of world. You should see some of the stuff going on with the BCC (basically the Brit version of ABC), it’s gutting >.< the law is not protecting children in the way that it should be and I hate to say it but people that do these things to children SHOULD be put to death in the quickest and quietest way possible because personally, I place the human rights of children above vultures like them. It's sad to say but I can't really see people like them every changing their ways, laws or no laws.
    and if they can't be changed, they should be shot.


    • It is a very sad situation but not only Law Enforcement are responsible in this regard. In this situation, parents and other family that do not want to expose their young to such fear in the world likely have to some way explain the fears to their children. The problem is, children grow up trusting until given a reason not to. By that time it its too late. And as it is often family or a close friend that commits the crime against the child, how do you prepare a child not to trust one of your close relatives? World-wide it seems as though women are being attacked in alarming numbers. And, I wonder if I am the only one that notices?


  3. Instead of teaching them how not to trust, teach them self respect, the rest is instinct. You can’t protect them from the world and even for a situation like this the only thing you can really do is give them the tools to help themselves in the long run. There are many other things too… I hate to say it but a lot of school try to cram in soo much info into a kids head all at once that I’m surprised more of ’em don’t end up veggies.

    And as to noticing more women attacks world wide. If you look statistically then probably there is more, however you’ got to take into consideration that between FAR greater media coverage and having about 7billion people on the planet, the numbers would seem far higher. might sound dispassionate but I’ll be the actual rations haven’t changed too much unless you take into account that more people seem to report it, and that is the world our children are growing up in.


    • C.T. my friend, how have you been?

      As to the topic at hand. I feel that anything that strips away childhood innocence before it should be, is almost as bad as any other criminal act. As that innocence is lost piece by piece, it will never be replaced. It is like children today have to grow up so fast, that we steal their innocence far too soon. You know what I mean; watch a young child experience things with amazement and wonder and you can see the innocence I refer to.

      I hope you are right about my feelings of women under attack is just a statistical figure, but I haven’t been crunching numbers to support my feelings. This is coming from my gut. Extreme violence also seems to be on the rise. Again no figures, just my gut. And, I can only recall one time my gut wrong. I forgot to eat breakfast . . . But that’s a different story. (LOL, couldn’t help it. )


  4. it’s global, it’s evil, it’s controlled by criminal gangs that have moles, in politics, business, religion, and it’s driven by pure greed, it’s why we need to support those who want to enlighten the world, like the snowdens of the world and bradley manning, it’s a crime to tell the truth in many places and a death sentence potentially everywhere.


    • As much as I agree with most of what you suggest, I cannot agree with your reference to Snowden. He is not the patriot he claims to be. He admitted to premeditated intent to do what he did. He had intent to harm the Country, not to save it’s citizens. In short Snowden was and is a traitor to the United States.

      Had he of found the information because he stumbled upon it as part of his duties and disclosed that information to the citizens of the U.S. and left it at that, I would climb aboard the “hero” boat with you. But, he went armed with documents that disclosed information of this Country to foreign governments with ill intent towards this Country. This makes the “hero” a “zero” in my book. Keep in mind, everything Snowden discloses to foreign soil, threatens the safety to everyone on domestic soil. I for one, do not support Snowden endangering anybody’s safety here or abroad.


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