US will not seek death penalty for Edward Snowden –


US will not seek death penalty for Edward Snowden

US will not seek death penalty for Edward Snowden –

I believe the United States is offering Snowden a more than fair return to the U.S.. When you consider he is nothing less than a “traitor” he is getting far better than he deserves.

Some of you folks are stuck on this thing that he did something for U.S. citizens. That would matter for about one minute if Snowden hadn’t of made a premeditated espionage into the NSA.

If Snowden as part of his assigned duties stumbled across the data mining the NSA was doing of U.S. citizens and then went whistle blower on the NSA, he would be a hero. But, Snowden did not do that. He took the position of NSA Contractor as part of a premeditated plot to conduct a spy mission into the NSA with the intent to seek and find data worthy of disclosure. He did not know what he was going to find, but he decided to deceive the NSA with a premeditated plan of seeking for data he could use to bring harm to the U.S. Government. He admitted to this in one of his recent media interviews. I’m sorry, you might want to make the boy a hero, but the boy is nothing more than a zero. He did not serve as an honorable NSA employee for a single day.

The primary reason the U.S. Government has agreed to not seek the death penalty for Snowden’s indiscretions is because most foreign countries have it written into their agreements with the U.S. that they do not have to cooperate with any extradition for cases in which the death penalty may be the punishment. So now, Russia may very well extradite Snowden back to the U.S..

Since the U.S. Government has agreed not to seek the death penalty for Snowden, we can only hope his integrity provides him a long enough stay at one of our finer Federal Resort Facility’s so that when he gets out being a traitor won’t mean as much to him a sit did yesterday.

4 thoughts on “US will not seek death penalty for Edward Snowden –

    • I’m not retied from the Military, but did my time in the U.S. Navy and proud to have served. I think of how many people Snowden has probably endangered and weigh that against the rights the government may have violated. Uncle Sam, if you have to spy on me to save American lives, so be it. And, I do not give up my rights away easily. But, then I also do not commit treason to acquire my 15 minutes of fame. Thank You Sgt.


      • thanks for service to our country. i truly below. the less former military we have in congress, senste. the worst off this country will be. we need to protect our citizens. holder was wrong not to keep snowden in a safe house. he was being treated as a whistleblower. than he would not have gotten out of the country.


      • Had Snowden of only been a whistle-blower for this Country, in this Country, he would be a national hero. His acts and disclosures to foreign countries makes him a traitor and no friend to anyone in the United States. It is a shame, I initially believed him to have been honorable and for the people of the United States.


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