Pakistani TV show gives away babies


For some reason I cannot get this video to download, but it’s title makes my stomach roll severely.

What are these people going to do with these babies? What kind of Government responsibility is used in doing something like this. I mean does the government keep track to ensure the children are raised properly? Educated? Enjoy their life? I am not a fanatic on this issue but somebody needs to ask some questions where “human rights” violation occur and get the U.S. out of countries that do not respect human rights as we say we do.

Who am I kidding. Here in the U.S. our government doesn’t have to worry about their human rights issues as we do so much damage to one another that we rate barely higher than savages. The abuses to our children alone are beyond belief. The respect we show one another as adults is a disgrace to our Nation.

Regardless, we have enough human rights issues to concern ourselves with here at home, we don’t need to be where issues exist abroad.

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