Long Island Gang Suspected Of Recruiting Young Children « CBS New York


Long Island Gang Suspected Of Recruiting Young Children

Long Island Gang Suspected Of Recruiting Young Children « CBS New York

This is something that parents really need be aware of . . .

You think your grade school age child has nothing to fear of gangs? You think New York and Las Angeles are the only places with Street Gangs? Untrue Magoo!

Today, even rural America has to protect their children from gang involvement. Gangs are everywhere! They may not even call themselves a gang, have a rough sounding name, or seem involved in illegal activities. But, if one person at the top says do something and they do it, he better be a lawful employer. Because he might be the gang leader that takes your child from you. And, at nine or ten years old . . . Gangs may appear enticing to your child.

I have always thought tolerance for gangs in schools a stupid thing to do. Little gangsters are not in school to learn. They are there to cause problems, recruit, victimize others, sell dope, and even prostitute other children. They damn sure have no place in an environment where students want to learn. I know I am an “extremist” in my opinion, but I believe that students identified as being involved with gangs should immediately be removed from the school system. “But, everyone deserves a good education!” Bull%^&(, the students in school to learn that want to learn deserve the education. And frankly, I could give a rat’s ass less about little “ Jimmy the Fly” that by graduation has assaulted forty of his fellow students, is extorting everything he can from everyone, and carries a gun hidden on his person for any teacher that gives him trouble. It is just “sp much bull$%^^& that we allow these mini-criminals to create havoc in our schools while children that want to learn can’t because of all the distractions from education.

(  Yeah I know, I presented a pretty extreme opinion, but I am interested in others point of view. This is part of my plan to make this blog a little more interactive. I will however, delete any offensive racial comments made. )

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