Pickle Flask.: Outrageous Flasks to Hide Your Booze In | The Savory


Pickle Flask.: Outrageous Flasks to Hide Your Booze In | The Savory

Every once in a while you just want to have a lil bit of the “hair of the dog with you” without others knowing about it. Doesn’t necessarily mean you’re a drunk, or you want to violate the law. Maybe you just don’t want your mother-in-law to know you are doing a shot or two in the garden with her daughter in the dark . . . Ooops!

In all seriousness, you might just want to hide it from your brother-in-law who keeps soaking up your booze . . . Ooops!

Okay, I give up. You got me . . . This time! The subject “slide show” is interesting and gives me a few ideas. “Quick, call Marketing. I gotta an idea to run by them.”

I know a Machinist that hollowed out a large bolt and threaded the shaft to the head so he could carry whatever he wanted without being discovered. It helped that he carried a tool box with him everywhere with numerous bolts of varying sizes. I do not know what he used it for or even if he used it.

Every Wal-Mart and similar store carries can and book safes used for secreting stuff away from prying eyes.

But, you never consider how serious the need for anything like this . . . Until now. Doesn’t it seem as though protecting yourself and preparing yourself for something you never considered before could happen tomorrow? Everything from “home invasion” to “terrorist attack” has become the new reality. So. where do you hide the important stuff? I don’t mean the insured jewelry, or your favorite “baseball card.” I mean your important documents, medicines that your family member requires to live, cash? Lot of good they will do in a safety deposit box if the bank blown up. That “fire-resistant” safe hidden under your junk in the closet fits real easy under a burglar’s arm. Anyway, you get my point.

Maybe, some better alternatives to what is available today should be given a bit more consideration. Anybody got any good ideas? 

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