Car Towed With 2 Kids Inside While Dad’s Carrying in Groceries | The Stir


Car Towed With 2 Kids Inside While Dad’s Carrying in Groceries | The Stir

Okay I read the subject article . . . At what time did the father leave the children unattended?

If the article accurate, the father carrying in groceries left his children in the car, asking neighbors to keep an eye on the car while he did so. Obviously the neighbors were watching the car as they told the Tow Truck driver “wait, there are children in the car.”

It sounds to me as though the Tow Company as with many tow companies is trying to pick up a few extra dollars by enforcing a parking regulation per agreement with the Property Owner. And, to do so without having a confrontation with the vehicle owner, the Tow Driver races up, hooks up, and leaves quickly.

Often these types of tows are done on private property where the Property Owner has designated the area a red zone to prevent people from parking in a desirable location. The towing of the vehicle is per the Property Owner, not local police agency. Many apartment complexes where the renter has to park in their assigned space find the task of carrying things like groceries from their designated parking to their apartment a very trying task. So, stopping near the entrance to unload prior to parking the best way to handle the problem.

Realistically, the Property Owner need be sued for marking a red zone that should be marked a loading zone. If a contract is made between the Owner and the Tow Company, the contract need specify a time frame required prior to towing. And regardless of all else, having been told by people that children were in the vehicle by persons watching the car for the parent, the Tow Driver and his Company should be charged with kidnapping, child endangerment, and being an a$$hole in charge of a tow truck.

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