Oakland Man Arrested In Violent SF Mugging Caught On Tape « CBS San Francisco


Oakland Man Arrested In Violent SF Mugging Caught On Tape « CBS San Francisco

Now! Do you want to see the face of a racist piece of shit black man?

Watch this guy, after robbing this gal and knocking her to the ground, watch this piece of shit kick her so hard it knocks her out cold. This is the kind of situation that creates racist response, because to most of us this piece of shit is not a black man. To most of us, he is the “n-word” that nobody likes to hear.

But, before I get all you little racists riled up, allow me to give you some info you may not be aware of.

  • Many blacks could give a damn less that a white woman was hurt by a black man. But, just as many see incidents like this as an idiot disgracing the whole black race.
  • If this guy was a white man, you would hate him just the same, but the hate would not be racial.
  • Violent criminals come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. They do not represent their race. They are simply criminals.

The point of this story, is it is easy to start screaming “n-this” and “n-that” and find a reason to blame the entire black race for this criminal’s actions. But, give it a moments thought. This guy does the same thing to blacks when he robs them. And, even the black community fears him and wants him off the streets. The difference is that in the lower income black neighborhoods, residents tend to not want to become involved in helping in the arrest of a black man, regardless his wrong-doing.

Nobody should support violent offender’s regardless of color. And, if you truly are not a racist, you understand that criminals are criminals and if our society is ever going to break free of racism, we all have to quit looking at color and look at the individual for what they are as an individual.

2 thoughts on “Oakland Man Arrested In Violent SF Mugging Caught On Tape « CBS San Francisco

  1. I think the world would fair better if the following were eliminated from all news media – race, religion, sex, age, and country of origin. Criminal or charged with criminal behavior should suffice. Thank you for this.


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