Okay, Let’s Revisit The Zimmerman Case . . .

I have sat on this opinion for a few weeks now, allowing the dust to settle a bit before making what I believe topic of anyone’s conversation. Because, I believe the Attorney General’s Office set up the ZIMMERMAN vs. FLORIDA trial to let Zimmerman off.

I know, I know, so many other opinions . . . But, hear me out.

We all know Zimmerman did in fact kill Treyvon Martin. We know that up until Zimmerman was laying on his back screaming like a bitch, Zimmerman was the aggressor in the situation, which would have allowed Martin protection of the Stand Your Ground law, had he of lived. And, this is point #1.

  • Even though Martin was killed, why wasn’t the case reviewed as Martin protected under the SYG law? The findings probably would have made significant difference in the result of the Zimmerman trial. What if the findings of such review supported Martin’s right to confront Zimmerman because Martin feared for his safety because he was being followed by a “Creepy Cracker?”

The AG’s Office over-charged the charges against Zimmerman, charging Zimmerman with Murder 2 which would be hard to prove.

  • Whether done to quell racial unrest or because they knew it would be very hard to get a conviction for Murder 2, the fact is, that Murder 2 was almost impossible to get a conviction, and the AG’s Office was aware of this.

Remember the guy that worked IT for the AG’s Office that got fired for telling about the information not disclosed to Zimmerman’s attorney’s? And, the Judge said let it go and they would review it at the end of the trial?

  • Had Zimmerman of been found guilty of the Murder 2 or the Manslaughter charge, would the subsequent review of this failure to provide information of caused a mistrial? Wouldn’t the AG’s Office know this?

I am really not big on conspiracy theory ideas, but  there is just too much fail, and re-fail going on here for my tastes. Is it at all possible, that I might be correct. Was the whole prosecution just a sham set up to shut everybody up?

Final argument for my opinion. Are the people employed by the Attorney Generals Office that stupid that they would fail so easily, or not?

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