Teen Sentenced to Prison for Texting-While-Driving Death | Web2Carz


Teen Sentenced to Prison for Texting-While-Driving Death | Web2Carz

Texting while driving is  probably one of the most dangerous things a person can do. And, even if the party doing the texting feel it dangerous for him, this is proof texting dangerous to others.

I know it doesn’t seem that big a deal, but there is really no justification for killing someone because your inattention to driving was due to texting someone.

Seriously, what could be so damn important that it cannot wait until you can pull over and park your car? Or, why not make a voice call rather than texting if important?

Have you ever wondered what the content of the text message was that caused the accident? I would like to know what the text conversation was. I mean did the kid get a text message that his brother or parent just suffered a heart attack? Or, was it some other kid telling him how stupid he was? What type of text message would be important enough for someone to just disregard all the laws and warnings about texting and driving?

Does this kid even realize the man he killed fought to live 18 days after the accident, before his death at the hands of the teens text messaging? I think the “teen texter” got off cheap. Two years for murder by texting is bull$hit when you consider it a premeditated murder. What, you think that you do not realize you will likely kill somebody while texting and driving?

Regardless, the “teen texter” will do his future texting from a bus instead of in his own car with him at the wheel.

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