Employee, husband forced to help suspects rob bank in Columbus | News – Home


Employee, husband forced to help suspects rob bank in Columbus | News – Home

I am telling you folks, the day of people allowing themselves be victims is coming to a close. People are tired of the scum stealing and harming others, and they are starting to show such almost daily. Every where you look, normal people are mustering the nuts to fight back. And, I’ll be damned, some are winning.

The subject story is about two brothers that abduct a bank employee and her husband forcing them to help rob the bank the gal works for. Well after the robbery, the husband takes the matter into his own hands and leaves the two brothers wishing they had done something else today.

I am serious about normal folks fighting back against the bad guys on our streets and climbing in our windows.

The people protesting against the “Stand Your Ground” laws have it all wrong. Had the SYG law of been used accordingly in the Treyvon Martin case, it would have convicted Zimmerman. The SYG laws are one of the best ideas for America today. No longer does the honest citizen have to back down from an adversary with ill intent. No longer does  someone have to fear reprisal from the law for defending himself against a criminal.

( Sounds good doesn’t it? Yeah. Well just remember the SYG laws do not protect everyone it should when it should. And, sometimes the good guy loses. So, use caution when taking maters into your own hands. And, WIN damn you WIN! )

I send a solid WELL DONE to the bank employees husband.

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