Records: 13-year-old raped as men recorded, cheered | St. Louis


Records: 13-year-old raped as men recorded, cheered | St. Louis

Is this what our society has become. I used to believe our society so much better than others. But, how can 10 men gather and rape a 13 year old little girl and not a damn one do anything to stop the rape? I cannot see myself participating in such an occurrence, but obviously others have no such difficulty.

Our subject story involves a 13 year old girl that runs away from some sort of “care” organization facility only to have stepped into the clutches of a group of evil bastards that take her to an apartment where they rape her and film it with their phones, then drop her off on the street to fend for herself.

How do these men face themselves in the mirror after doing something like this. They have to know somebody will break down and snitch like a little punk and all of them will be caught and prosecuted. Then they will get the opportunity to share their bed with “Bubba” in the State Penn, where Bubba will show them the joy of loving repeatedly over the next few years. At least we can hope they meet such justice in our Penal System.

Regardless, this type of abuse to our young people is going to cost all of society sooner or later. Do you realize that no person subjected to such abuse ever recovers from the memories of the incident. Many become abusive to others as they mature, many commit suicide as they cannot suffer the guilt they feel, but not a single one ever recovers to enjoy a normal life. So why, why would you as an adult destroy a young child’s life?

I do not care how mature you can make a 13 year old look. A 13 year old afraid, abused by multiple men, and probably worn down to a lesser human, cannot look sexy or appeal to a normal man. So, what kind of sick fuck, gets sexually aroused by raping an abused 13 year old girl . . . Let’s see if they wear their crime like a badge of honor upon their chest when they are displayed to the public eye. What kind of scum has our world become?

2 thoughts on “Records: 13-year-old raped as men recorded, cheered | St. Louis

  1. Aye, this is the kind of thing that makes you lost for any kind of polite converse. On a personal note, even though it won’t undo what they have done, the only possible use I can think of from them too society is a single shot to the head and not another thought of them there after.
    They HAVE to KNOW exactly what they are doing, and they just don’t care so long as they get their 2 minute kick.
    I hope the 13 year old kid some how learns to live with this and live life as well as she can. That’ll be all the better against their kind of evil.


    • Ya know, one of the biggest problems parents have with teenagers is the lack of acceptance to conversation. It is as though the teenager believes their friends more knowledgeable than the parents. Maybe this little girl would be a good spokesperson for the dangers that young women have to face in today’s society . . . Just an idea.


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