Report: 469 child victims of sex trafficking in Portland – KPTV – FOX 12


Report: 469 child victims of sex trafficking in Portland – KPTV – FOX 12

The subject story is in the form of a report made by Portland State University  . . .

Talk about an “eye-opener” for those that want to know. The report made by the Portland State University is considered “very conservative” as a high number of these cases go unreported. With the data available the report identifies 469 child victims in Portland, Oregon during the past four years.

The report breaks down age, sex, race, gang affiliation, pregnancies, parent, drugs, and some other very interesting information. To review the actual report, visit the link to the original story above, and in the left margin of the story you will see a link to “Read the full report” which will provide you a copy of the report.

I agree the report findings very conservative. I cannot even guess the actual numbers in this situation but, I believe most of these cases never come to public knowledge and many of these cases end up becoming something else in the end. Missing Person, Murder, and even International Slave Marketing figures take some of these cases because no relevance is noted.

Do yourself a favor, download the report. Multiply the figures by a minimum of 4 for the rural states larger cities, by 10 for the larger cities like San Francisco, Atlanta, and other bigger cities. Use that as a starting point and see what you think of the problem.

There are some pretty “inhumane” people out there taking advantage of our women and children, and we need to put an end to it. . .

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