Tawana Brawley starts paying man she falsely accused of rape in 1987 – CNN.com


Tawana Brawley starts paying man she falsely accused of rape in 1987 – CNN.com

In 1987 Tawana Brawley sets herself up to be discovered as a victim of rape by multiple white men. There was no rape. She was never attacked by any white men, and she later accused the local Prosecutor of being one of the men that attacked her. Remember, no attack ever took place, the entire incident a hoax.

Al Sharpton and two other prominent black men were quick to take up the cause for Tawana Brawley, creating racial unrest and climbing their way to celebrity. Well, the Grand Jury reviewed the case and found that they believed  the case a hoax. The accused Prosecutor filed suit against Miss Brawley and Al Sharpton for “Defamation of Character” and subsequently won the suit. Brawley was ordered to pay the Prosecutor $185,000.00 and her advisors ordered to pay $345,000.00.

The case for almost a year was fueled by the actions of Al Sharpton and the other advisors of Miss Brawley, and even though the evidence demonstrated no attack or rape had ever happened to Miss Brawley, they continued creation of as much racial unrest as possible. Al Sharpton achieved activist status from his involvement in the Brawley case.

For years and years the black community believed that Tawana Brawley had in fact been attacked and raped by a group of white men. And, even today were you to ask, many black people will claim the same of the incident, claiming that the case got dumped because white men did the crime. Some still to this day deny the truth and the hoax that Brawley tried to pull off.

I would like to think this Country has matured a little. At least to the extent that we can recognize the attack claimed by Miss Brawley was in fact an elaborate hoax with intent to create racial unrest throughout the Country, allowing Sharpton and others to achieve notoriety by climbing upon their soap-box and screaming racial lies.

The likes of Al Sharpton is still around creating racial tension any place he can. But why? The entire Country with the exception of those not educated enough to know the truth of Al Sharpton as the racist activist that lies and creates untrue incidents solely to create racial tensions and create hostile relations between blacks and whites. So, why hasn’t the Black Community gotten rid of Sharpton?

When you consider that Martin Luther King was once a leader of every movement for civil rights of blacks, why would black people choose to allow the likes of Sharpton to bring discredit to their cause. People of all colors believed Martin Luther King and supported his politics. Nobody, except the uneducated believes Al Sharpton and certainly not his politics.

The point I am trying to make with this article, is racism will always be an issue without truth. So, why does the Black Community allow the likes of Sharpton to to bring discredit to every incident that comes along? The Black Community needs to find a true honest leader to represent and stand for them in civil rights issues. They need such representation for them as well as the rest of the Country. I mean, face it . . . Wouldn’t the whole issue of racism and civil rights be better served by someone that both blacks and whites find reasonably honest?

( I am white. I also was an adult in 1987 an remember the Brawley Hoax, and the civil unrest created by the likes of Al Sharpton. I, in no way intend this article to offensive to anyone. I sincerely believe that the Black Community needs to know the truth of  Miss Brawley’s claim and how Al Sharpton used the hoax to rise up the ladder as a Black Activist and quit letting people like him bring discredit to issues of the Black Community. just saying .. .)

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