Video shows vicious Pinellas school bus attack – WFLA-TV News Channel 8


Video shows vicious Pinellas school bus attack – WFLA-TV News Channel 8

This same story was the subject of a previous post I made. My original post was made without seeing the video. However, now that I have seen the video, I have more to say on the situation.

First, did any of you that watched the video happen to observe how violent these 15 year old kids were?

Okay, let’s recap the story for those that may not have heard it before.

A 13 year old kid tells school authorities that a 15 year old tried to sell him dope. The 15 year old enlists the help of two more 15 year olds and while riding the school bus home the three 15 year olds attack the 13 year old. And, they beat the kid pretty badly as well as broke his arm I believe.

The level of violence demonstrated by the 15 year old children is alarming in that they appeared to have every intent to do great bodily injury. This coupled with the fact that all three attacked the lone 13 year old at the same time, allowing for no self defense of the victim makes this attack even more offensive.

This is not an uncommon act with the young today. In the past, it was dishonorable for fights to be more than “one-on-one” as it did not allow the combatants to fight a fair fight. But, in this case not only was the attack “three-to-one” but the three 15 year olds were much larger than the 13 year old. What is also alarming is the lack of anyone coming to the aid of the 13 year old victim.

The elderly Bus Driver did stand up and holler at the 15 year old kids, telling them to leave the victim alone. He also radioed for assistance stressing the severity of the situation. What more could be expected of him? Those three kids would have easily of beat the Bus Driver down had he of attempted further intervention.

My concern is for the 15 year old kids. What makes them believe such violence is acceptable? I have little doubt that had the altercation of taken place in a more remote or private setting the victim would have been subjected to far more serious injury. For that matter, what made these kids think that nobody would tell school authorities about their part time drug distribution career?

One thing is guaranteed.  A 13 year old is going to grow up the next few years with this incident casting a shadow over his head. He will have to learn how to fight, and fight well if he intends to walk with his head held high amongst his peers in the future. And, he might want to consider the probability that he will have additional conflict with the 15 year old kids in the near future.

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