Why I wouldn’t break up a school fight – CNN.com


Why I wouldn’t break up a school fight – CNN.com

This topic sure blew up a bit, didn’t it. The controversy appears to be about how the Bus Driver handled the situation. And, the 64 year old Bus Driver did exactly as he should have done. It is not the Bus Drivers responsibility to get his butt whipped by three kids. It is the Bus Driver’s responsibility to observe and report situations beyond his control and contact authorities for assistance when necessary.

Face it, what do you want a 64 year old man to do against 3 violent teenagers? Have a heart attack? Or, get his ass whipped by these kids so nobody is there to use that radio to ask for help?

What exactly would be the end result if the driver had physically touched one of those teenagers? Right? I believe you? Oh Bull, tell the truth. The Bus Driver would have been demoted to Crossing Guard, received a Pay Cut, and if the students Attorney called the Driver would be fired and forced to leave the County immediately.

The facts are, the incident topic of this story is criminal in nature. Maybe the Bus Driver should have evacuated the bus, to ensure other students not in harms way. Maybe we should train our Bus Drivers to be Bus Driver/Law Enforcement Officer and give them a gun. Before you go thinking the Bus Driver should jump up and defend students from harm, consider two things:

  • How much money does this Bus Driver make?
    • Not near enough to take an ass whipping by three kids.
  • What is the one constant for the bus?
    • The Bus Drivers seat. Only one person sits in that chair. So retaliation does not have to search for him, they all know where he sits.

We cannot protect people on regular Transit Buses, including the drivers. And, they have to deal with passengers that assault them because they think they have been insulted by a driver, when the passenger doesn’t even understand what was said, helpful or insult. Many a Transit Driver has been victim of assault for having people kicked of his bus. The risk to the Driver is just too much for a Bus Driver to accept responsibility for passenger misconduct.

The persons most responsible for these children and their misconduct is the PARENT. That is correct, I said it. PARENT! Who is allowing their child to find “drug dealing” and “Assault” appropriate conduct? How are these children being raised that they have no fear of reprisal for their unlawful conduct? How are these children being raised that they demonstrate such severity in violence and have no remorse for the harm they cause?

Parental Responsibility is considered a “dirty” word in most circles, because parents do not know how to be responsible for anything but complaining about how their child has been mistreated by others. Seldom do you find a situation anymore where the parent recognizes that their child’s conduct is unacceptable and thank the School for bringing the offense to the parents attention.

Parents! If your little “Billy” or “Bonnie” is a “Brat” or a “Bully” it is not the school’s fault, it is your fault! If your children have no respect for the law or authority, it is your fault. Parents are the people that are supposed to teach children the difference between right and wrong, respect, how to treat girls, how to act like a lady, how to listen, how to do as they are told, how to fight fair, what honor is, how to be a gentleman, and the value of a dollar. It is the parents task to teach your children not to steal, rob, or molest. How to open a door for a lady, how to stand up for what is right, how to defend others, and how to speak respectfully to others. Parents seem to forget that they are in a Partnership with schools. The Schools teaches the student the education to help them make it as an adult. The parent has the task of teaching the student to shut up, listen, and learn.

When I first heard of the “Bullying Tax” enacted by the people of Monona, Wis. I thought is funny but, also maybe a good idea. See  below:

Ordinance No. 5-13-645, adopted May 20, 2013

An Ordinance Prohibiting Bullying and Harassment

  • Summary:  The Common Council finds it is in the public interest to assure that every person is valued and respected regardless of perceived differences, and may live free from bullying, harassment and intimidation.  This Ordinance adopts portions of Chapter 947 of the State statutes and creates an Ordinance that defines bullying, harassment, and a course of conduct, addresses parental responsibility, prohibits all forms of bullying and harassment, including cyber-bullying, and includes penalties.  The full text of this Ordinance is available by clicking here and at the Monona City Hall, 5211 Schluter Road, Monona, Wisconsin  53716.  Further information may be obtained by calling City Clerk Joan Andrusz at 608-222-2525.

We have children today that are being bullied to the point of suicide. We have children abusing children to the extent of great bodily injury. And, we have children and parents that do not give a damn that “little Johnny” is not conducting himself in a responsible manner. What are we going to do about it?

You may not think the “Bullying Tax” a good idea, but with each passing day it sounds better and better to me. And, the fact that the parents can be held responsible and fined for their child’s misconduct is the best part of it. The authorities notify the parent that their child is acting like a little jerk, if the conduct not corrected the parent gets to pay the tab for it. I think it a great idea. There’s nothing better than a parent taking an active role in parenting.

As for the 3 fifteen hoodlums subject of this story, take the violent asses to Youth Authority and charge them as an adult because obviously their parents do not care to rear their children accordingly. Yeah, I said that too!

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