Student’s unique reply to racial taunts#/video/us/2013/08/06/erin-dnt-mattingly-unc-wilmington-student.cnn#/video/us/2013/08/06/erin-dnt-mattingly-unc-wilmington-student.cnn


Student’s unique reply to racial taunts#/video/us/2013/08/06/erin-dnt-mattingly-unc-wilmington-student.cnn#/video/us/2013/08/06/erin-dnt-mattingly-unc-wilmington-student.cnn

What have you done today the merits you being worthy of being called a “man?” This Student is more man than most of us and probably responds to the ignorance of racism better than anybody I have met.

Our subject story is about a Black Student harassed by a group of racist white people, and his response is not hatred, anger, or retaliation. He responds with intelligence, heart, and forgiveness.  This is something that few of us, regardless of color, ever do.

Truthfully, our society sucks. And, racism is one of the primary reasons why. I did not fall of the turnip truck yesterday and I realize racism is a fungus fed by all races. White, Blacks, Chinese, Indian, and all the other colors you can think of, all have advocates of racism ready to climb upon a soap box screaming about how everybody else is being racist to them. But, you know what . . . A man is a lot more than the color of his skin. And, a man that recognizes that one does not have to feed the racist machine to be a man is damn hard to find.

I am very anti-racism, and quite vocal about it. But, my beliefs stem from a lot of things. And, ignorance is not included in that list. And no, I do not plan on breaking out in a “rainbow” song, or plan on leading a political movement finding fault with my own race or any other race. The facts are quite simple. There are a hell of a lot of people on this planet, and either we get along and live in peace, or we don’t. I have met some very racist people in my life, but I have never met an educated intelligent racist. Regardless of color, not a single racist that I have met can show me that they are educated and/or intelligent. Sure, you may have a “sheep skin” hanging on your wall and you may be really good a math or science. But, can you tell me or show me how to be tolerant, accepting, and friendly to a person of a different color and be truthful to yourself?

On numerous occasions in my travels, I have befriended women in their home land only to watch her own people like she no longer acceptable acquaintance for her own race, and we were just friends. What kind of ignorance feeds the minds of such people. I have witnessed men sleeping with damn near every race on the planet, like they have discovered a candy store. And, watched those same men act hateful to the same races as though their conduct acceptable. I have observed children neglected because of irresponsible men not taking appropriate measures. But, how is it acceptable to father and disregard a child because of his color?

I have fought in this Country’s Military, with men and women of many races. I have worn a badge and worked with men and women of many races. I have worked for more than one company in which I was the only white man employed by those companies. I have trusted my life to men and woman of many different races and have stood shoulder to shoulder with many men and women of different color, and the only difference I see in any of them is when a racist person sticks their stupidity in the mix.

There is a certain Black Activist that every time there is any kind of incident involving blacks, he jumps upon his racist “soap box” and starts misleading anybody that will listen to him. He lies, he intentionally creates racial incident where none exist, and proclaims his love and concern for the black race. And, he creates such drama around himself that he becomes celebrity, at the expense of the black race. He has no concern for truth, peace, or who gets hurt by his actions. Yet, Black People and many whites actually believe what he is saying to be truthful. The only truth involved is that he manipulates black people and places our Country in danger by his actions, and gets treated as though a celebrity while doing do. But, we whites and every other color there is also have our own that try to feed us their stupidity and hatred on a day-to-day basis. How can you claim to be educated or intelligent while following someone that brings discredit to you and your race ever time they open their mouths?

Here is a challenge for you . . . Your best friend has a child of different race that he loves with all his heart. You have shared meals at his table with him and his child. You have taken care of his child when he has been unable to pick his child up from school on time. That child calls you “uncle.” Tomorrow, there is a racial incident and rioting in the streets, and your friend cannot get through to pick his child up from school. He calls you, his friend, to pick the child up. And now, people of your own race want to bring harm to this child because of the color of his skin. What are you going to do? I am going to defend that child, but not because it is my friends child, not because he calls me “uncle,” but because it is the right thing to do.

One of the most interesting television shows ever made is the Swapping Wives program when they also swap races and have to learn to accept how another race conducts themselves, and how they conduct themselves within the other race.

This Country is quickly tearing itself apart and racism a primary contributor to the problem. We all have to learn to not hate because of the color of someone’s skin. If you must hate, hate them for the real reason. If the person was of your race,  but an “asshole” would you hate him for being an “asshole?” Guess what? I hate “assholes” regardless of color. Please do not be one.

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