Video – FOX Carolina 21–18 People Beat This Man To Death In A Church Parking Lot!


Video – FOX Carolina 21

The subject video discusses the victim had come to the aid of two of his female friends at a party. The result, he was attacked by others who chased him as he tried to get away from the attack, to a church parking lot where 18 people, 12 of which are minors around 13 years of age killed him.

Personally, I see no justification for any mob killing someone. Even if the victim were a criminal, they should have restrained him and called the applicable agency to respond. I also find it very distressing that adults would lead this act, allowing it to be witnessed and participated in by children. This entire story speaks of mob mentality and lack of responsible restraint.

This incident occurred last April or May and left the victim on life support for 6 days following the attack. The Police arrested six people originally, but added another 12 arrests to the case last month. The additional information by the last report suggests that a group of people in attendance of a party at the Community Center had been asked to leave subsequent to an argument between two girls that had been broken up by the victim. The group appeared to leave but then returned to attack the victim chasing him across the street where he was beaten severely, dying a few days later due to “blunt force trauma” from being kicked and stomped to his head.

Why do these people find their acts acceptable? All of them, all 18?  Why do they feel it right to bring this type of harm to another that has done nothing but tried to stop a fight that was probably nothing but stupid from the get? Why are our young people leading the way to their and others self-destruction? And, how do we stop the spread of this type of inhumane conduct?

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