Four Former Vanderbilt football players indicted in sex crime probe –


Four Former Vanderbilt football players indicted in sex crime probe –

Now here’s the “upper crust” of society doing naughty and embarrassing their families.

Doesn’t this just irritate you just a little. These four College Football Players have probably got the look, the money, and the opportunity to bed down every skank between Vanderbilt and San Francisco. But, maybe they just got bored being successful Jocks and decided to gang-rape a fellow student in the dorms.

What is wrong with these losers? Isn’t momma and daddy spending enough sending them to school and buying them books. And, where was everybody else assigned to the dorm? Anyway, I guess these guys rape an unconscious female 21 year old female student. The dormitory security video was reviewed in an unrelated matter and those doing the review noted strange behavior of the four footballers, which subsequently was reason for additional investigation into the matter.

Now, they have destroyed a young woman, their futures in sports, their opportunity of an excellent education for sex with an unresponsive nonparticipant person. What idiots! And, this is from those with a better education, losers!

The problem with the subject article is they do not detail how it is that the victim is unconscious. Was she drunk, drugged, or other? Regardless, the football boys will likely be practicing sports as cellmates sharing a cell with Bubba up in the Big House.     

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