Video – CBS 3 Springfield – WSHM


Video – CBS 3 Springfield – WSHM

As society just seems to be losing grip on humanity, we see further evidence that people just simply do not give a damn.

Following a night of partying at the clubs four women decide to participate in a new event we will call “Street Wrestling” while onlookers cheer and laugh, but nobody tries to break it up or call police.

Folks this is getting ridiculous. Are we degrading to such a level that we need to see people hurt, really hurt, or even killed to quench our bloodlust? And, where the hell are the men that should have broken this altercation up in the first place. Would people be pleased with themselves for allowing one of these women get seriously hurt.

It is just too stupid to comprehend. People are fighting. But, they don’t have fights with honor where once your enemy falls and stays down the fight is over. No the way people fight now, is even if your enemy is down, even unconscious, you continue to bring about further injury until serious damage is done. Or instead of “one on one” combat, it is “ten to one” or even more. And, what are the fights about? Stupidity! I will guarantee, looking back on all these fights, all the harm created, and all the abuse received, all of the reasons were blatantly stupid. Think about it. When was the last time you witnessed a physical altercation that wasn’t over something stupid.

Let it suffice to say, if you are exchanging blows, you are probably demonstrating stupid! And, if you are standing by watching it like you are sitting at home on your sofa watching WWA Wrestling and allowing others to harm each other because you are too big of a pussy to stop it, at least you know you are a pussy.

2 thoughts on “Video – CBS 3 Springfield – WSHM

  1. I hate to say it but people now are no different than 2,000 years ago when the Romans had their gladiatorial Games. Fighting is in our nature and stupid or not it’s there to stay until humanity learns to mature,
    Though I do agree that we’ve lost all sense of honour..
    I remember hearing a story in the UK a few months back, 18 youths ages, 8 – 20ish years old beat up two guys, one is scarred for life and the other died in the Ambulance. I can’t remember much more detail than that.


    • I’ll always be a believer in taking enough resources to win against the odds against you. But, even in the worst situation I do not believe I have had occasion to require odds of 20 to 1 to win. But, even cops now a day expend over 100 rounds for 1 suspect . . . And, still only hit him less than 10 times I believe.

      I am concerned for the level of violence being demonstrated by the younger children. It is as if they believe it cool to hurt someone critically rather than a fair fight. The situation of the subject story is adults, adult women, fighting in the middle of a busy street, WHY? I am sorry, but were I there, I would have broken up the fight and had them laughing about the fight minutes later.

      Now the other incident with the 18 people beating the one guy to death . . . If an adult led my child into the participation of murdering anybody except as necessary for self-defense or defense of others, I would not be very appreciative towards those involved and I would certainly ensure they knew my feelings about it.

      BTW C.T. I really appreciate your ongoing participation in this blog.


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