Wife turns in husband for burglaries


Wife turns in husband for burglaries

The subject story is about a middle aged man that has chosen the occupation of Burglary as his profession, and after about 2 years on the job, his wife gets him fired.

Give this a little thought . . . If you were the spouse of a full-Time burglar and you had to worry if he was going to get shot daily, would that be a problem? I mean if the dog don’t get him, a baseball bat might. If not shot by the property owner, a Security Guard or Local Police might “pop a cap” in your ass. Must be a trying issue for the guys spouse. But frankly, I think it is great that she turned him in.

The story fails to mention how good or bad of a living  the gent was earning from his endeavors, and which side of town the most lucrative, the availability of a local fence, and if he was well known throughout the region. I just think it would be more interesting had the guy been a burglar that only went to upper class homes and stole jewelry and cash from safes, rather than pictures of dogs  shooting pool or playing cards, just saying

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