Opinion: Legalizing marijuana a boon to potheads – CNN.com


Opinion: Legalizing marijuana a boon to potheads – CNN.com

Legalization of Pot is not about getting high . . .

Legalization of Pot is about “Rights” and “Choice” and the history of lies and forced laws imposed upon Americans based upon negligent acts of Politicians. When Snowden disclosed his NSA findings regarding the possible violations to the civil rights of Americans by the NSA, the Nation exploded in hostility towards our Government. The issues that surround Marijuana are more offensive than anything disclosed by Snowden.

Our Politicians, took it upon themselves to decide for us what we are allowed to with marijuana claiming it to be a serious narcotic with no redeeming qualities at all. Instead of conducting research that would demonstrate any possible potential for marijuana, the Government chose to conduct research that would only demonstrate “possible” negative qualities of marijuana. In doing so, again our Government doing as they pleased, not what the people’s voice calls for.

There used to be a Free America, a Country where the people’s voice was heard and decisions based upon that voice were made. How many of you have had family or friends that have had their lives destroyed because they chose to smoke a joint? How many of you have had a family member incarcerated over marijuana? How many people have criminal records, have lost their Constitutional Right to vote, lost the right to hold Public Office, have had their futures destroyed because of marijuana use? The laws that allowed our Government to do this to us are all based on our Politicians not doing the job we entrusted them to do.

How many people have died of illness or had to live in pain when the medical use of marijuana may have helped them? How many people have died due to enforcement of laws relative to marijuana and how many Law Enforcement Officers have died enforcing such laws? How many people have been victimized by criminal control of marijuana? All of these deaths were un-necessary.  All of the suffering, all of the abuse, all of the victimization is based upon lies and the failure of Politicians to do their job.

How much money, how many billions of tax payer dollars have been negligently wasted on the “war on drugs” since 1971? Could that money have been better used elsewhere? When I was young, I learned through the simple method of trial and error that if you tried something a couple of times and it failed to produce the desired effect, to do something else, not to continue doing the same failure over and over again. This has been our politicians task since 1971 and they still have yet to change the ongoing failure, and we sit by and allow them to continue. No, that is not true. We have been vocal, we have written, we have screamed, and we have pled with our Government to correct this failure repeatedly over the past 30 years, to no avail. The politicians just continue to do what they have chosen to do regardless of the  people’s voice calling for change. If you think you get pissed when you discover a politician wastes half a million dollars on un-necessary air travel and parties, wait until you do the math on the billions, not millions, but trillions of dollars negligently wasted on the war on drugs . . . per year.

The two major opponents to legalization of marijuana are the Pharmaceutical Companies and the Liquor Distilleries. More people overdose and/or die by use of alcohol and prescribed drugs than marijuana. As a matter of fact, there is no reported case of marijuana overdose or death due to use of marijuana, in the history of marijuana. Medical use of marijuana has demonstrated that marijuana has multiple uses as medicine. How many people that you know have lost their lives to cancer. Marijuana has been proven to kill certain cancers, but due to the failure of our politicians to do their jobs, Scientists in the United States have to deal with so much “red tape” that they choose not to try to do the research.

And now we will discuss the getting high aspect of marijuana. I am not a user of marijuana. I have enough issues by use of another legal drug, tobacco, to hack and cough at smoking pot. But, I am an American. And as an American I believe our failure of the politicians to do their job relative to marijuana, has stolen my right to “choice” in the matter. Our Government in all the qualities of a “communist country” has imposed laws built upon lies upon the American People and stolen my right to “choice.” The U.S. Government by it’s own negligence has enacted laws, violated millions of its citizens civil rights, penalized and incarcerated it’s citizens, and allowed the avoidable deaths of scores of it’s citizens and it’s Law Enforcement Officers in direct action not conducive with with what this Country stands for. This Government has taken the right of choice, our freedom to conduct ourselves a free men represented by our politicians away from us without concern for reprisal. In other words, our Government has failed to do their jobs, has failed to listen to the voice of the people, and has done so while violating the rights of the entire country, because they chose to do so. Is this really what they were elected to do?

Sure, were marijuana made legal today, pharmaceuticals and distilleries would lose a few bucks. But, haven’t they killed enough people by now? And yes, choice to use marijuana to get high will also happen. But, it will give me the right as an adult American Citizen to make my own choice to use it or not. For those of you that believe that should marijuana become legal for use in the United States, everyone would become a “Pothead” over night, you are wrong. There are far too many Americans addicted to “materialism” and “money” for that to ever happen.

The one thing that will happen if marijuana were legalized is the criminals will stop getting rich off it, and the violence associated with it will cease.

You do not have to agree with my beliefs. But, you have to agree that we have done the same thing for over 30 years with no improvement in this matter. It is time we do something else.

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