India rape: Police hunt attacker of 7-year-old –


India rape: Police hunt attacker of 7-year-old –

Indian men must have some weird sexual fetish. I mean it! How do you participate in gang rapes of women and not worry about disease. How can you look at a child sexually? How can you bring harm to another human being and maintain an erection? I know I couldn’t do it. So, what kind of freaky shit do Indian men have going on?

The subject story is about a friend of a friend that lures a 7 year old away from the parent, sneaks the kid on a train, and then rapes the kid in a train toilet. What kind of sickness is this? Is it legal to shoot rapist in India?

Actually I have a serious question: How does an Indian man, stand as a man, after his wife, daughter, mother, sister, or other relative is raped and nobody does anything about it? Seriously, how does he do it? If my child or other family member raped and nobody did anything about it, I would have to. To do nothing at all but accept the abuse of a loved one, would most certainly suck. Sorry, I would have to do something. After all, isn’t the man’s responsibility to protect the family, even in India?

How do Indian women tolerate this abuse? Actually. how do all of the women living in Islamic countries accept the abuse, the violence, and the shame created by the men of their countries? And, it is one thing to simply force yourself upon a woman. It is an entirely different story when it is 10 to 20 men forcing sex upon a woman as well as beating her at the same time. What hope of life and happiness do these woman have. How do they feel birthing a daughter that will likely be raped and beaten repeatedly before she is age 10?

What are we as a Country doing in India. I thought we would not be involved in Countries that tolerate Human Rights violations such as this.

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