NSA: We read .00004% of Web traffic – CNN.com


NSA: We read .00004% of Web traffic – CNN.com

Does the NSA read your email? .00004% sure doesn’t seem like very much. Is there a waiting list to get them to read your email? Does anybody know how much the NSA charges to read your email?

Listen, I have like 200 different email accounts that I actively maintain and it has gotten to be a real pain in my anatomy making sure that all get the attention they need. I have had a couple get picked up in some data sale somewhere and they receive enough “garbage” mixed in with the important stuff that sifting through it daily takes me a  lot of time. Then add stuff like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Disgus, at least three other social media type stuff, and my own support and social sites and it can get quite frustrating doing this plus working for a living . . .

So, how hard is it to get the NSA to read your email? Are there subscriber fees? Will they let me know if they find anything of importance or that I need respond to? I don’t mind paying a small fee if they do it correctly or offer any specialized services. Does anybody know what telephone number I should call to ask them to read my email? Will they tell my ex-wife to “bugger off” for me if she emails me, or do I have to do that?

Heck, I probably get enough spam to make up that .00004%. NSA read my email, the rest of the Country won’t need concern themselves. BTW, I have been gaining weight lately, please forward some of those “weight loss” spam emails to me.

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