GoPro, Go Good#/video/bestoftv/2013/08/13/exp-newday-cuomo-goodstuff-gopro.cnn#/video/bestoftv/2013/08/13/exp-newday-cuomo-goodstuff-gopro.cnn


GoPro, Go Good#/video/bestoftv/2013/08/13/exp-newday-cuomo-goodstuff-gopro.cnn#/video/bestoftv/2013/08/13/exp-newday-cuomo-goodstuff-gopro.cnn

Many of us do not realize that what makes a good person good, is usually just a minute or two of your time and a good heart . . .

The subject video is “cool” for a couple of reasons. 1.) Because the guys were riding motorcycles. (Okay, maybe not “cool” to you, but I have a thing for motorcycles and anything else that uses little gas to run. Plus I like the bugs in my teeth, the tossed smoke in the eye, rain freezing my but off, and folks looking at me like I am nutz. ) 2.) Both situations had potential for turning to shit real quick.

Many people will just pass right by situations such as this and do nothing. That is okay, it’s not like they are obligated to do anything for anyone else. There is no requirement of anyone to consider courtesy, act as a gentleman, or demonstrate any kind of concern or compassion to anyone. But, that is the difference between the “good man” and your average “joe.”  And believe me, there are a whole lot more folks that do not extend a hand to help than there are that do.

And men, simply suck at helping another man do anything. Men will stop what they are doing to watch another man totally fail, and laugh about it later. Have you ever been at a Home Depot or similar store and watched a man alone try to load sheets of plywood into a pickup. When you see him, stop. Look around. There is at least one or two man that have stopped doing what they were doing to sit and watch the guy struggle his butt off trying to get this plywood loaded. I do not know how many times I have seen a woman trying to load heavy bags and stuff into their cars all alone. My point being, a little help to your fellow man sure does go a long way. And it cost little, usually just a moment of your time.

Situations the subject video shows are far more important than the situations I noted, and believe it or not, you by taking a moment of your time to help could possibly save a life. You might even make a friend.

I knew a big ugly biker that had a heart as big as his bike. When he would go anywhere, do anything, or just be there . . . He seemed to spot every situation that folks just needed a quick hand in, and he would be there to give it. Now, this guy was big, probably 300lbs and over 6 feet tall. He would walk up to little old ladies, smile and help them, tell the lady, “Have a good afternoon m’am” and walk away leaving the lady standing with a look of disbelief on her face. He looked very much the “biker” and I know when he approached folks their first thought was that he meant them harm.

Our society has lost so much of it’s social skills and friendliness over the years, it simply a shame. When I was a youngster my Mother, taught me to be a gentlemen at all times. Now if you try to be a gentleman, the person you are extending the courtesy to does not know how to act. They first believe you are a threat to them, and sometimes act like you are a freak of nature. I still will hold the door for a person, help out if the load too heavy, try to stop someone from bringing harm to another, and chase after the miss-kicked ball so kids do not enter traffic to get it. Again, the cost is little.

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