Man shot in buttocks by 3-year-old son – Tucson News Now


Man shot in buttocks by 3-year-old son – Tucson News Now

The subject story just makes you want more detail. I mean c’mon, did the son cuss at his old man before shooting him? Did they argue over who was the better shot? You  don’t think this funny? Okay, play in in your head with the son using Bruce Willis’ voice . . .

There are more “Concealed Weapons Permits” on the street today than ever in the history of the United States. Law Enforcement Agencies Nation-Wide are swamped with requests for new permits ever since the Zimmerman vs. Florida trial. Most people figure, “If they give that idiot a gun, I’m gonna get me one!” Was this a case of Dad out testing his new gun and the son wanting to join the fun. Just the other day another fella taking a class to allow him to carry a concealed weapon, got shot by his Instructor.

I can see a trend developing . . . There is going to be lots of idiots out there roaming the streets with guns real soon. I can carry if I choose to. But take my advice . . . DO NOT DO IT! The second you use that gun, your entire world will come undone. Even if found to be used according to law, your life will suck from the second you pull that trigger. DO NOT DO IT!

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