Husband Dies After Rape By 6 Wives (VIDEO) – Huffington Post


Husband Dies After Rape By 6 Wives (VIDEO) – Huffington Post

Okay. Just to show I do not make any of this up, I give you proof that insanity exists in places other than my own mind . . .

You ever think polygamy would be a problem. I mean multiple wives all trying to bitch at the same time? Or, is it true that woman living together somehow match each others menstrual cycle? Regardless, how does a man find himself with the forced requirement to sexually satisfy all six of his wives at the same time?

And, that my friend is the topic of our subject story, which should make you think at least twice about having multiple relationships at the same time. C’mon fella’s, we have all done it a time or two. Well aren’t we just damn fortunate the woman didn’t live under the same roof, things could have gotten messy.

In a time not so far in our past, dashing devils easily convinced women of their undying love for them and them alone, only to leave one bed for another with the utmost secrecy, and got away with it. That is, until calling the wrong woman’s name during the heat of passion, the event of a STD, or two of them knocking on your door at the same time due to scheduling mishap. The young men of today think themselves so much the wiser, but soon discover the game still the same as the ever attentive females find reason to question the professed undying love.

All I have to say on the subject is, “DO NOT TELL ANY OF THEM YOU WERE HANGING OUT AT MY PLACE!”

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