CHP encouraging teens & young adults to attend "Start Smart" | Local News – Home


CHP encouraging teens & young adults to attend "Start Smart" | Local News – Home

Thinking such an idea maybe not top “cool” thing to do, might make you decide not to attend such . . . But, you’d be wrong.

This is a story about classes being offered by the California Highway Patrol, aimed at educating teenagers and defensive driving.

If you are a Teenager and you want to drive well, take as much of these classes as you can find. Why? Because, there is something to be learned that will be more valuable to you than money, and all you have to do is listen. A majority of drivers on the road today do not know much of anything about driving. Sure they know about what it takes to get a Drivers License, but they no very little about actual driving.

If by attending one of these classes you learn one tip about what to do in certain situations, it has the potential for saving your as well as someone else’s life. There are few professional drivers out there but you pretty much guarantee that a CHP officer, a seasoned Truck Driver, a seasoned Taxi Driver, and a Pilipino “Jeepney” Driver that discusses driving with you is a wealth of information not easy to acquire.

And, if you want to be able to impress other’s with your driving skill, information, or technique, this is an easy way to do it. Thus, the not so “cool” may actually be the very thing that makes you cool. Pay attention youngster, I’m talking to you! If you think you are a good driver, think you know your stuff . . . attend one of these classes and see if you know anything at all. I am telling you, these classes will open your eyes and improve your driving skills and habits.

Now, the class subject of this story is for a certain area of the state, but were you  to consult your Phone Directory for the local California Highway Patrol office telephone number, I am sure you can ask the folks that answer the phone if this class is offered to your community and they will likely give you more than adequate information to provide you the opportunity to attend.

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