Feds: Judge, jilted by girlfriend, tried to frame her husband in crime – CNN.com


Feds: Judge, jilted by girlfriend, tried to frame her husband in crime – CNN.com

Here is another incident where a Public Official drags Law Enforcement Officers into a conspiracy to unlawfully cause harm to another by unlawful persecution. It seems the Judge had a thing for his secretary and because she wouldn’t leave her husband, the Judge set in motion a campaign to set the husband up for a fall. And, you  would think stuff like this doesn’t happen in real life . . .

I raised this issue earlier in a different article written here. If an act of violence or similar is committed against a Law Enforcement Officer, the person committing the offense will be charged for the crime plus an enhancement to the charge for the act committed against a Peace Officer. But, Public Officials, Peace Officers, Firemen, and other that serve in Government position, are supposed to be above crime, wrong-doing, and unethical conduct. Well the reality is, they are not. So, why is there no enhancement to these Officials when they violate the laws and subsequently the Public trust?

Wouldn’t it be appropriate  that enhancements adding additional penalties to charges against Public Officials of all sorts? I mean this seriously. You as a Cop get busted for violation of someone’s civil rights. You know better but you committed the crime anyway. So, why would adding additional penalty to the standard penalty for the  crime be appropriate? Cops, Judges, District Attorneys, City clerks, Building Officials, County Employees, Motor Vehicle Staff, every single Government Employee that by their act can violate the Public trust should be held accountable for their indiscretions and an enhanced penalty applied for violation of Public Trust.

Am I making sense. We are supposed to trust the Cop and the Judge do the job they are paid to do as well as conduct themselves in a manner conducive to their Office. When they violate this trust, they should not only pay for the offense committed, but also pay for failure to act accordingly. The unlawful or inappropriate act committed by the Official, by  commission of the act is a violation of Public Trust which is a separate violation entirely.

Just sayin . . .

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