WWYD? – A Beautiful 16 y/o Runaway Girl Bumps Into An Old Male Trucker..Stick A Foot Up His Ass! – YouTube

What Would You Do?

If you ever have doubt how messed up our society is, just watch the videos from “What Would You Do.”

After watching a few of these videos, I was stuck there sitting in my chair yelling at the actors to “do something, do anything, but do not let this go down like this . . .”

“What Would You Do” is a television show that sets up a slit of something happening that shouldn’t be. People observing the action have the opportunity to take action to stop the situation before it goes to far. It angers me that so many choose to do nothing. But, maybe one out of ten will risk extending themselves to come to the aid of the victim, and it just frustrates the hell out of me.

It totally frustrates me to see how many men do not do a damn thing, but a woman will stand up and take action. What are you guys waiting for? Do you need your Daddy to come show you haw to be a man? You people want to be “cool?” Do not sit idle and allow others to be victimized. The person that acts is the “cool” one, believe me.

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