What Would You Do ? Girl Gets Abducted While People Watch! – YouTube


I guess I have found a new television program that I find interesting to watch. The television show, “What Would You Do?” sets up skits of incidents in front of everyday America to see the result, which is often the unexpected . . .

This skit demonstrates a possible child abduction that takes place with numerous people that observe it and do nothing. How the hell do you watch a situation in which a child appears to be being abducted and not act to stop it, prevent it, or even question it? How!

Well, this skit has a special message built in. There is a surprise lesson learned if you pay attention to the results in this skit, let’s see if you  catch the overall statistics involved in saving this child from a future of abuse and exploitation. 

Please do not hesitate to comment if you see what I see . . .

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