Polk detention facility 911 call describes ‘full blown riot’ | News 13 Over a CUP OF SOUP!


Polk detention facility 911 call describes ‘full blown riot’ | News 13

Actually, the riot stems from an unpaid bet. The youths had participated in a basketball game, the losing team to pay the winning team 3 packages of “Cup of Noodles.” The losing team didn’t pay up . . .

These kids tore the buildings apart, damaged equipment, damaged each other, and required about 150 Cops to quell the disturbance. What a bunch of crap! Why does it take so long for young people to mature far enough to realize what they do is to themselves? They served no cause, nothing done was for the betterment of conditions, better housing, better meals, only chaotic disruption and damage.

We are faced with a new failure to our society, the young violent offender. Today’s new young offender is violent, without remorse, without conscience, and without fear. It is as though these kids believe themselves entitled to a free ride for everything, and the most bizarre conduct is the path to be taken. This attitude crosses racial and economic boundaries as a “mob mentality” bent on destruction of anything and everything. These kids simply do not care.

And, it is the parents most responsible for this. We have over the years developed into a society where protection and correction of our children is left in their hands. Parents, Schools, Law Enforcement, and everybody else charged with the care of children are unable to take corrective action. The idea that you cannot spank your children, the Schools cannot spank your children, and nobody can spank your children has led to children believing they can do anything they want without fear of reprisal.

Remember that liberal woman from the 70’s that had not yet had children of her own, that preached how by spanking our children we were damaging their growth. I will guarantee were she here today a whole lot of parents would show her a spanking for her blatant stupidity. Parents need to discipline their children. Parents need to let the schools discipline their children. Parents need to quit sticking up for their little Timmy who is actually a rotten little shit when away from them. Quit defending bad behavior.

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