Tattoo Placement on Women | eHow

Oh Boy! A two parter story . . .

Tattoo Placement on Women | eHow

Now, I do not want folks to think less of me, but I have a tattoo. I served in the U.S. Navy and did not gat a tattoo throughout may entire navy career of about 4 years. But, a couple years after I snatched my “honorable” and ran too civilian life, the image of the “Pink Panther” casually standing with a smoke hanging from his mouth became a permanent piece of artwork upon my upper right arm. I believe the year was 1979 and he has been with me ever since.

Way back then,  woman wearing tattoos was not very common. But, I did associate with a number of ladies that had things like a little devil, a rose, a cartoon character, or a dollar sign tattooed in discrete areas of their anatomy. The significance of each was explained as I explored the canvas the art painted upon. But I’ll be damned, I cannot remember their reasoning.

Anyway, the subject story discusses the increased interest of women wanting tattoos. If I can offer one bit of advice . . . Be discrete, nobody wants a President or a Beauty Queen with a tattoo of explosions and bloodshed visible on their body. I really do not know why it matters, but I believe such is met with disfavor. Also watch  use of names. Tattoos are forever, love may not be.  

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