Wells Fargo lays off 2,300 employees – Aug. 22, 2013

Yesterday Wells Fargo claimed being the #1 Bank in America, today they’re passing out pink slips . . .

Wells Fargo lays off 2,300 employees – Aug. 22, 2013

When you spread your face all over the News claiming to be the top rated Bank in America, you really should wait more than a day before you start kicking employees to the curb . . .

But, that is exactly what Wells Fargo Bank has done. In yesterdays headlines, Wells Fargo was recognized as the TOP Rated Bank in America, and one of their high “Mucky-Mucks” was all over the page talking about what made Wells Fargo the best, including claims of having a million bucks stashed away as sort of a “slush fund” if I am not mistaken.

Then today, Wells Fargo says “see ya later” to 2300 hard working employees as though Wells Fargo made it to the top without them.

Just goes to show you, work hard, do a good job, and you will get your just reward. In this case you get the prize of unemployment . . . Enjoy!

I do not know about anyone else, but if I had a Wells Fargo account, I would close it today and tell them thay are not the Top Rated Bank in America today.

2 thoughts on “Wells Fargo lays off 2,300 employees – Aug. 22, 2013

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    • I pick up all my information from the news media. Of course, some requires additional research but this post was about Wells Fargo Bank. In one of the Money News sites one of their administration was bragging about how Wells Fargo was on top of their game, claiming Wells Fargo to be the best. I didn’t choose to write on that information until the next day when I saw the subject article announcing lay-offs. The almost immediate “from top of their game” to “lay-offs” caught my attention.


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