DHS employee appears in racist video


This is what the Racist Blacks listen to before they go to sleep at night!

DHS employee appears in racist video

This is from the web site of Ayo Kimathi:

War on the Horizon Creed

Afrikan people are an international racial family who share a common: homeland (Afrika), Racial origin, culture, destiny, and a bitter enemy – the white race. We are challenged by our common destiny to eradicate the system of racism white supremacy and its benefactors in order to establish righteous Black Dominion over Planet Earth.

We are mandated by our Creator to return to our proper status as rulers of this world.  It is within the full rights and responsibility of every member of the Black world family to see to it that this ultimate goal is achieved so that we may once again restore peace and prosperity to Planet Earth under the divine and just leadership of God’s first people – The Black man, woman, and child of Afrika.

May our Black Brothers and Sisters see eternal progress,

May our International friends reap the benefits of refined Black leadership and,

May all of our global enemies perish by means of our Black swords.


Amen Ra!


The subject video discusses a Homeland Security employee that moon-lights as a Black Militant trying to start a race war between Blacks and Whites. His web site was down when I tried to reach it, but let me tell you, this is racism at it’s finest.

Ayo Kimathi apparently a graduate of the “Al Sharpton School Of Bigotry” rants and rags about all that is white as well as anything else not black to the ears of anyone lacking intelligence enough to listen. This from an educated Black Man working in a Government law enforcement agency position. I mean used to work for the government.

What’s his beef? Everything! What does he have to bitch about? He believes he should be as big a man as Al Sharpton but he isn’t getting enough media attention.

I have but a couple questions for the esteemed Mr. Ayo Kimathi:

  • I am White. I have spent close to 40 of my adult years supporting equality. You have chosen to declare war on whites, does this include me, my family, my friends?
  • Part of my family is inter-racial black/white.  Does this mean the family Black has to kill the family Whites?
  • I really like the Black Lady that is my neighbor. Am I going to have to kill her children after you incite them to act like bigoted idiots much like yourself?
  • Where can I find you? Because the second one of my family, Black or White, is harmed by your ignorance you and I will need to discuss how it makes me feel.
  • Oh my final question: How much blood do you anticipate being on your hands by the time you are done? Not just White blood, but the blood of how many Black young men and women, that had opportunity at a bright future, before you came along to destroy what many men far better than you have fought for many years to achieve?
  • Okay, one more: Do you really think Dr. King would support your ignorance for even one moment?

That’s all my questions for Mr. Kimathi. I hope he realizes he has brought back the “N-Word” to America. Of all the irresponsible ignorant racist things to do to our Country. This guy is an idiot. There are too many of all races that will not tolerate this kind of racism from anyone. I think the People should march against Mr. Kimathi to show him how little he represents the Black Man.

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