WWII vet Delbert Benton, 88, beaten to death by teens in Spokane – CNN.com


Doesn’t this just make you angrier than hell . . .

WWII vet Delbert Benton, 88, beaten to death by teens in Spokane – CNN.com

Why would two young Black Men need to beat an 88 year old man to death? What justification could they possibly have? This was a little 88 year old man, that did nothing wrong to anyone. So why beat him to death?

Is this sort of like a “copy-cat” killing similar to the Australian young man shot in Oklahoma? Is this a racial incident spurred on by the fact the old man had no chance of defending himself against the two thugs? I do not even know Mr. Benton, but I want to know what kind of animal beats an 88 year old man to death.

This is where our Police need to be. They need to be spending all their time taking down theses little thugs and gangsters instead of messing with drugs. Sooner or later, Police will find a suspect or two for the killing of this old man. I for one, hope they resist arrest a lot.

It takes little to beat up a little old lady, an old man, a child, and not much more to beat those intimidated easily or just passive by nature. Anyone that thinks they have committed a “cool” crime by attacking any of the aforementioned is just a scared punk, going for an easy target because they are afraid. No man with an ounce of self-respect would attack any of these. And, two to one against any of the aforementioned is just enough to make you want to puke.

I mean if you are going to be a “mean tough gangster” should your target be someone that is too frail to fight? Then why beat him? To show how much of a “punk” you are? Did you rob him of a couple of bucks and because he was old you just had to show him how big and tough you are? I just can see the two of you like little “bitches” beating this old man to death. You make fine representatives for the Black race. And, I guarantee you there are plenty of  “Good Black Men” that wish you and those like you would quit representing the Black Race. I hope when they catch your sorry asses that you resist so they can drop your butt to the ground a couple times. I am sure Al Sharpton is just waiting for his chance to say how wrongfully you are treated. As men, you are a dismal failure. As humans, you suck even worse.

2 thoughts on “WWII vet Delbert Benton, 88, beaten to death by teens in Spokane – CNN.com

  1. You know I am so sick of hearing about these supposed hate, racial crimes on the kill whitey program as seems to be supported by our nigger president, I think we need some kill blackie directive, I myself was not a racist until all this crap over that trayvon martin let,s have an all out race war i’m thinkin that’s what they want


    • Don,
      At first I was going to just delete your comment, but I think you may have missed another post I made today about a DHS employee that moon lights as a Black Activist, that is preaching an all out race war is on the horizon. I am of another thought. I really do not want to see our sons and daughters die in our own city streets, and I really do not want to have to kill anyone else’s sons and daughters. So, I am opposed to any such race war. I would prefer that those strong enough to stand against racism, of all colors, do so. And, as a unified people we drive these racist bastards out of our Country. And, you all can bitch about Obama all you want. He was handed a pile of shit and received little cooperation from a Country that wants him to fail. He has stood up to the task and most his failure is directly the responsibility of non-supportive actions by others. If all the Politicians would just do their fucking jobs, no President could fail. Yes, Zimmerman should have been found guilty and any actions Martin made should have been by protection of the SYG law, but I wasn’t part of the jury. And, I want to be perfectly clear on this: The abuses by Law Enforcement that Blacks bitch about have never been just Blacks. Everyone in lower income communities (That used to be predominately black and now are of mixed races ) is subjected to the same damn abuses, but nobody wants to hear about how the white guy gets beat down by the cop, or fucked in the courts. The disparity in prisons is not due to color. It is who can afford a good attorney. Nobody can afford a high dollar attorney in the lower income neighborhood. There are just more poor blacks than others, but that is changing. But, everybody in lower income communities is treated like second rate criminals, everybody!


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