Deputies: Teen driver punches Orange County bus driver | News 13

Parents, has your child tried to hurt anyone today?

Deputies: Teen driver punches Orange County bus driver | News 13

The subject story here is about a school bus that has stopped to pick up school children. The bus is stopped the lights are flashing, the <STOP> sign is out and flashing, and children are boarding the bus . . .

You know somebody is going to screw this up, and they do. Along comes the local hot shot teenager . . . Who promptly blows right through the school bus STOP zone. While the school bus driver is making note of the teen drivers license plate info the teenager comes back to the school bus, climbs out of his car and punches the bus driver in the face and steals his $800.00 glasses. The teenager was known to the kids riding the bus. The Sherriff’s Department is following up on the matter.

Now, it just seems like every minute of every day, in every community, that every teenager believes they have the right to abuse, assault, and offend people. These teenagers seem to find their conduct acceptable. They appear to have little concern for the people they hurt or respect for the law. But, most of all they seem to lack Parental Guidance. I mean don’t parents talk to their children telling them such is not the proper way to behave? Don’t parents explain to their children that they should avoid conduct that could lead to their incarceration or worse? Why do these kids think it is okay to act like an idiot, like nobody will do anything about it?

I have said this before and I believe it needs saying again. When I was a kid, I learned what the “paddle” in the Vice-Principal’s office was for. Well, I promised when I got older, that nobody was ever going to lay a finger on my kids like that. Low and behold, it come to passing. And, I AM SO SORRY I EVER SUPPORTED STOPPING SUCH DISCIPLINE IN THE SCHOOL SYSTEM. Why? Because we (those of my generation) climbed on this “no spanking” children band wagon which has led to a society of adolescent non-conformist that do not fear reprisal for their conduct.

As a matter of fact they have demonstrated no fear of parent, school, law, or court reprisal repeatedly  over the passed few years, and it partially my fault. Now a day, schools cannot paddle them, parents cannot paddle them, and the next step is Law Enforcement, who also have their hands tied by our complaints of abuse to our children. Well you know what? If something is not done about your children soon, they will end up hurting someone or get themselves killed trying to. And, when you go trying to blame others, the schools, or our society . . . just get up and look in the mirror. That is where you will find the guilty party. You are the last one that can save your child from this end. We have taken that ability away from the schools, from the cops, and we have let the law take it away from us, all there is left to stop this is the love of a parent and conversation with the children trying to re-enforce right from wrong, proper conduct from improper conduct, respectful or disrespectful, and so on.

But, it has to be done and soon. Every day we lose another few children to this crisis. Parents  do something to gets your child’s attention and fix this while you can.

For the record, I was a lousy father.  I thank God my ex-wives were excellent parents.  Save your children.

2 thoughts on “Deputies: Teen driver punches Orange County bus driver | News 13

  1. Kids need to be taught early on the difference between right and wrong. Paddling their butts and smacking hands let’s them know there are consequences to their actions. There are times for time outs as well, but at the same time, a belt is definitely more intimidating. And parent’s pay attention to your kids. Talk to them, let them know you are always there and watching them. I see in stores and restaurants many times kids whaling and screaming. You know how many times I want to go smack those parents and say answer your child, or take them outside? Why should my nerves be on end because your kid won’t shut up? It’s funny, you can’t smoke in public places anymore because you might get sick from my second hand smoke which still has not been proven, but I could have a heart attack from the stress your kid has caused from your inaction of controlling your child.


    • Damn, and you say I’m intense . . . (lol) I do know what you mean. When I run across wailing children, I like to get the next isle over from them and holler, “Hey, quit beating that child!” You would be amazed how quick a parent picks the kid up. I know it is an evil thing to do, but it works most the time.


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