Ex-teacher arraigned on rape charges – Boston News, New England News, WHDH-TV 7NEWS WHDH.COM


C’mon, another teacher . . .

Ex-teacher arraigned on rape charges – Boston News, New England News, WHDH-TV 7NEWS WHDH.COM

The subject story here is about a 27 year old female teacher that has sex with a 14 year old boy student. Actually, she has sex with him on multiple occasions. She has not been favorably looked upon by her employer since.

Now, let’s be a little honest about this. I am a male adult. The local High School has a couple hundred young girls that dress quite provocatively making that little 16 year old girl look 20. Being honest, I would have difficulty with all these little girls running around me all day long. ( I really do not know this, but for sake of argument . . . Somebody has to play the devils advocate in this conversation ) So, why would a female teacher not possibly have the same difficulties?

This world revolves around sex. From puberty to death, all of us spend a good deal of our time thinking, having, or wanting sex. But, as a Teacher you are supposed to be above this. You are expected to be able to deal with the ongoing interactions of your students and refrain from sexual contact with them.

I also recall from my school days a couple of High School girls that would tease the hell out of teachers when they got bored and wanted a little attention. Today’s students dress and act a lot more inappropriately than they did way back then. So, is this recent run of teachers becoming involved with students a case of “putting a raw steak in front of a hungry dog” or have we just started requiring “perversion” as a prerequisite for employment as a teacher.

Regardless, the student in most cases appears to be a willing participant. This is something I have difficulty understanding. Don’t we as parents, discuss these things with our children so they understand that such activity may present itself to them and how they should handle it? I mean, every girl from the time they grow long hair should be told about the dangers of man, and certainly the reverse for boys. 

The problem I have most with the involvement of female teachers and male students, is female teachers even if unattractive can at least satisfy their sexual needs at 2:00AM any day of the week. ( I do not mean this offensively. I am merely questioning the need and satisfaction ) Why is it necessary to have contact with a young boy? I know most women that become involved with the opposite sex do so emotionally first, are these female teachers in some way forming an innocent bond with the student that gets out of hand? Believe it or not, I am seriously asking this question as I do not understand how these relationships start in school and end up in the bedroom.

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