Man charged with human trafficking of his daughter –, Myrtle Beach/Florence SC, Weather


Daddy’s are supposed to protect their little girls . . .

Man charged with human trafficking of his daughter –, Myrtle Beach/Florence SC, Weather

The subject story tells us about an illegal immigrant from Mexico and his 14 year old daughter. It seems Dad wanted money and to get it he offered his daughter up for sale. His original asking price was $7000.00 but it was dropped down to $2900.00.

Dad dropped his girl off at an apartment so the buyer could sample the young girls wares prior to purchase.

The girls was spotted by a neighbor fleeing from the apartment with the buyer behind her. When the girl told the neighbor what was going on, the neighbor took care of the girl and notified Police.

One of the biggest regrets I have, is not getting to be a “daddy” to either of my daughters. Actually, I have been a “shit” parent to all of my children, but regret not ever having the opportunity to be “Daddy.” I believe this is one of the primary problems I had with being a parent. I was divorced and the children lived with Mom. I was a good source for “child support” but parenting was left to Mom and whomever her significant other happened to be. Do not think I am making slight of the Mother’s contribution to the raising of our children, Mom did an excellent job. I am the one at fault for missing out on the role of “Daddy” and I know it my fault.  But, when I see a Dad and his little girl together I feel the emptiness and heartbreak for the parts of my daughters lives I missed, the joy of watching them grow, and the important conversations that are “Daddy’s” to hold.

It simply makes me realize that while I was truly good at many things, I really let my kids down. It is too late to fix this. I would not know how to if I could. Anyway . . . This isn’t about me, it is about a 14 year old girl on sale.

Daddy’s are charged with the responsibility of protecting their daughters. That role is built into a man the second he holds his daughter for the first time. So, how does this guy end up trying to sell off his precious little girl? It really does not matter, his daughter will never trust in him again.

Have you ever seen the television show, “What Would You Do?”

“Nancy Riddle, a neighbor, noticed the girl as she fled and talked to her. "She says my daddy’s trying to sell me to these guys as a sex slave," Riddle recalled. "I said no hunny nothing like that’s going to go on here." Riddle said she believes God put her in the right place at the right time”

Sounds like this incident was made for the television show. It is a damn good thing the neighbor, Nancy Riddle was there for this little girl.

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