Texas 4-year-old runs over, kills sister – CNN.com


A Terrible accident . . .

Texas 4-year-old runs over, kills sister – CNN.com

Have you ever been rushing around, loading your car or truck, kids running around near your feet, and have something bad happen.

The subject story tells of a couple loading their truck, when their 4 year old gets in the truck and puts it in neutral. The truck subsequently runs over their younger child, 16 months old, killing the younger child.

Now this is a tragic story, and it happens more than we would like, but an accident just the same. What isn’t an accident is the comments that follow the story on the News Feed. Our society has become so full of people hiding behind the Internet, that we believe we can just be the biggest “dicks” in the world without reprisal. And, for the most part you can. But, the day won’t always be this way.

Sooner or later, people that make these hurtful and hateful comments across the Internet, are going to have to answer for the harm they cause. Most the people that conduct themselves like this are young mean little children that are trying to achieve “cool” but are not smart enough to see they missed being such. They do not realize that in this day of abuse to everyone, the “cool” is in not being the mean one, but the sound of reason.

For instance: The family subject to this story has just suffered a very tragic loss. Do you realize that the Mother and Father of the lost child had to come out to see their baby lying dead on the ground. Maybe you have to be a parent, or witness such a death to understand, but the grief they feel is terrible. And then, they have to realize that their other child was the one in the drivers seat, and the sudden worry about him . . . Then the true pain hits as they suddenly realize that they are the blame for this terrible accident. You can not imagine the guilt, the grief, and the pain these people feel at this moment . . .

Whatever God you pray to, whatever faith you follow, and/or whatever demon feeds your head . . . The ability to write the cruel thoughts and accusations that rattle lose from your demented minds demonstrates a failure to have empathy, lack of caring, and a cold heart. What makes you believe that you have the right to further harm people? Are you one of those bullies that harasses a victim until they commit suicide? Are you one of those trolls that just seek to demonstrate that you are a “smartass” that thinks they’re so cute and bright? What makes you believe treating others poorly makes you the “bigger” or “better” man?

Real men do not hide behind the Internet using little fake names and talking tough because they cannot be easily found. Real men do not victimize victims or the weak. Real men have learned how to be there for others, how to care for others, and how to stand for others.   

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