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Excuse me. Does anybody have a direct line to President Obama? – Breaking News, U.S., World, Weather, Entertainment & Video News

Seriously, if somebody has a direct line in to President Obama I would like to discuss this Syria situation with him for just a minute. No, I do not think I am smarter or more qualified to discuss the issue than the staff he has, I just think I have a better presentation.

You see, as an American I look at the Middle-East as a place that oil required our presence. We tolerated numerous serious “human rights” violations in trade off for the oil. But, WE DO NOT NEED THE OIL THAT DAMN BAD ANYMORE! Thus, it is time for us to get our troops, our embassy staff, and any loose Americans roaming the Middle-East countries and GET THE HELL OUT OF THERE!

I mean it is bad enough that everyone in the Middle-East hate Americans. To them we are Arms and Money in a never-ending cycle. Get us out of the damn Middle-East.

The Middle-East has been at war with each other since prior to my birth over 50 years ago. They will continue to be at war after all of us alive today are dead and gone. We do not need to be a part of their war. Really, we don’t. Let’s bring home our troops and weapons to our soil and rebuild defending this Country, because regardless what decision you make relevant to Syria today, they still will try terrorist attacks on the U.S.

The primary difference getting us out of the Middle-East will do, is make America happy. It will make all of us just feel good for a bit, for just telling those folks, “We are done with all of your games (referring to the combined Middle-East countries. ).

“We do not play the way you folks want to play, we don’t kill and rape our women and children, so we are just going to pack up and go home.”

I mean that’s a good honest response to a real crap situation. I would be happy to see us just leave the Middle-East and not look back. Let the Russians have them. All of them. Letting the Middle-East ally with Russia will do nothing but good for the United States. After a few years Russia will beg us to take them back.

So, President Obama, do us a solid man . . . GET US OUT OF THE MIDDLE-EAST TODAY!

Just saying . . .

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