Effects Of Bullying Last Into Adulthood – Health News – redOrbit



Effects Of Bullying Last Into Adulthood – Health News – redOrbit

The original link I went to for this story goes to a short video that gives a fair amount of information, but too much too fast. If you start at that same spot, scroll down to the link just below the video that says something like: [ Read the Article: Effects Of Bullying Follow Victims Into Adulthood ] or see if my link works . . .

The subject story is about Bullying, Bullies, Victims, and long term effects. It is actually a very informative article and well presented. Some of the findings are previously known and understandable. But, then there are some new details about bullying that are quite interesting.

Personally, I do not care for bullies or even overly aggressive people. A good deal of my life has been dealing with these types of people, and they can be quite trying  if allowed to get carried away. Smaller sized folks tend to be targets for bullies. Also the weak are easily made targets of bullies. Which are the two most important things to remember about bullies.

Bullies do not mess with the strong, the equal, or the confident. If alone, a bully will seldom act against others needing the support of others to validate his/her being superiority. I learned as a youngster to stand up to bullies. Even if you got your ass whipped you earned respect for standing up to him. I do not recommend anyone try what worked for me. Most often, I got my ass whipped. In my day, whipped was when you went down and didn’t get back up. Today’s bullies beat you down and then some, usually to extreme. There is no honor in the way youngsters fight today, just violence.

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