Married nearly 66 years, Ohio couple dies on same day –


This is how it is supposed to be . . .

Married nearly 66 years, Ohio couple dies on same day –

Our subject story is about a couple of kids that met in third grade. From there they fell in love, married, and lived and loved for close to 66 married years together. They died on they same day, just a few hours apart.

If you read the subject story, you will see how the life of a married couple should be, but seldom is. I guess it has to start with marrying the right one from the start. I wish I had known the secret long ago. How do you find the right one? How do you know? What kind of sign must you see before you really know?

I really must admit to never finding the love we all seek. I have married and lost twice. I have been in love many times that it didn’t work out. I would like to think that I would be the exception to the rule and that many others had found the love of their lives and lived the story book life of love, but I am not.

Hardly anyone actually makes it through their first marriage, many not even their second, and a few not even their third. We all always believe the grass greener elsewhere when it is our own grass we need to care for if we want things to work out.

I thank this couple for making their lives work together through to the end. If for no other reason but to celebrate their doing so. “Please rest in peace and thank you.”

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