New Charges in Kitsap Torture Case |


Why would someone do this to a child . . .

New Charges in Kitsap Torture Case |

The subject story and video tells us of a 13 year old kid that is subjected to serious abuse and torture. Somehow he ends up sleeping in a park where Police find the kid and see that he needs medical attention.

I do not know what makes people think that torturing a child in any way is acceptable, but there sure is a lot of it going on. And, we have to find a way to stop it. Every abused child grows up with this abuse in his head and it messes up their whole lives. Many end up being addicts, others criminals, but all end up being abusive to others. Presently, between sexual abuse and physical abuse we are creating hundreds if not thousands of these kids each day here in the United States. (No, I have not done the math, just guestimation ) Regardless, we are creating a whole bunch of walking social time-bombs that sooner or later, at a minimum, will be abusive to someone else.

This is where we need Law Enforcement. We don’t need “dope cops” we need “abuse cops” to stop the inhumane treatment of people that is happening every single day.

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