Obama: U.S. concludes Syria carried out chemical weapons attacks – CNN.com

President Obama, if I may have a word with you . . .

Obama: U.S. concludes Syria carried out chemical weapons attacks – CNN.com

President Obama,

Were I afforded the opportunity to talk directly with you, I would suggest it might be a good time to tell everyone in the Middle-East that we have had enough of their shit, their wars, their human rights violations, and their disrespect. And, then I would promptly have every person of American citizenship pack their dirty t-shirt and hop the next U.S. Military transport out of the Middle-East.

I would not waste my time discussing how to best penalize Syria for “gassing”  it’s own people. I wouldn’t argue over the wrongs they commit with every breath they take, I wouldn’t even bother losing any sleep over any country in the Middle-East. They have been using the U.S. repeatedly over the past twenty-five or so years, only to complain about American, Americans, and everything “in the West.”

I mean, “How many times do you have to get “dumped on” before you get tired of being “dumped on?” The only reason for us to have an interest in the Middle-East, is OIL. We simply do not need their oil that damn bad anymore. Let them sell that stuff to the Russians. Let the entire Middle-East ally with Russia.  It can do us no harm, and would likely mess Russia up real good. Face it, let Russia invest their money into that “litter box” and see how long they put up with their crap.

Now, right now about 60% of the Country is waiting for you to “blow it” by putting us into another military conflict. Your political opponents are lining up to find a way to kick you out of Office. The Poll Takers and News Media are waiting at the edge of their seats to talk negatively about you and your capabilities as President. Me, I do not give a “dog scratch” about any of the aforementioned because I know you have done the best you can with the pile of crap they left you, and the lack of cooperation they give you, but that isn’t so much the topic of concern at the moment. I do however believe that were you to get us the hell out of every corner of the Middle-East immediately and let those folks decide their own fate, your ratings in the Polls would dramatically increase.

Anytime you would like to discuss any other topic of concern, feel free to contact me . . .

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