No federal challenge to pot legalization in 2 states –


Now, the important part . . .

No federal challenge to pot legalization in 2 states –

Truthfully, I never thought I would see the day. Really! Now if the Government could just find a way to give all those people back their losses over enforcement of bogus marijuana laws and the war on drugs.

The subject story tells us  of the Federal Government relaxing marijuana laws to not conflict with State laws allowing for legalization except as noted in their 4 or 5 conditions.

Now comes the part that all of you pot heads need to do to make this choice the right choice. Everybody needs to BOYCOT MARIJUANA FROM MEXICO. Seriously! No dope from across the border!

If you have to ask why, you should not be smoking dope.

In addition:

  • If you are selling dope to kids, stop! Kids will find a way to acquire dope, it does not have to be you.
  • If you drive stoned, stop! You know the government is just waiting to say “he caused the accident because he was stoned” It does not have to be you.
  • If you are growing dope on “public land,” stop! Go rent some property and grow legal. And, do us all a favor and do it safely without setting up a fire pit next door to someone.
  • If you are organized crime or a cartel, stop. Just carry your ass back where you came from and go count your money. It is about to become less fulfilling for you.

Now some may have issue with the changes to be applied by the Feds, not I. I do however wish they did a blanket drugs are legal thing that would have removed all drugs from the control of criminals. But, you take what you can get now a day, and cross your fingers in hopes nobody screws it up.

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