High school athletes accused of sexual assault – CNN.com


There oughta be a law . . .

High school athletes accused of sexual assault – CNN.com

Our subject story tells us of a school that rented a summer camp for their sports teams to get up on their sports game, But, true to nature and teenagers these lads got up to something else, and raped three other students. What I find interesting is that these boys did not go looking for girls more their own ages.I guess  when you are an up and coming sports star, sex through intimidation is the way it is.

With the subject story in mind, I think we need a new law. We can call it the “Community Justice” law. In some countries, law enforcement may be far from the community. So, these communities have a law that allows the community to take action in defense of the community. It allows the citizens of the community to police themselves for the most part.  I see it as an extension of the Stand Your Ground Law. Only with the Community Justice Law, the community gets to chase the asshole’s down, string em up, and then try them in Court. (Okay, so I told a little white lie. My way sounds better.)

I mean, give it a little thought . . .  In the case of our subject story. We could go grab the little rapist, castrate them, and lock them in a set of stocks inviting any that wished to to homosexually rape them.  (No offense intended to the homosexual community, just looking for someone to carry out an “eye for an eye” scenario for me.) And then, when local law enforcement ventured through town we could tell them that the cops were not in town so we took care of it ourselves.

I know, my idea is stupid, but something has got to be done about teen violence in this Country.

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